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Definition: Aggregate planning is a planning method in the production process which is also considered a marketing activity used to determine the required resource capacity to meet expected demand.. The aggregate planning is done in advance of 6 – 18 months and includes a combination of sub-contracting, sourcing, outsourcing, employment, labor overtime, amount of inventory and planned .

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Aggregate Planning is an immediate (annual) planning method used to determine the necessary resource capacity a firm will need in order to meet its expected demand. Aggregate planning generally includes combination of planned output, employment, sourcing, sub-contracting etc that can be planned for a period of 9-12 month. The goal of aggregate planning is to match 'demand' and 'supply' in the ...

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aggregate planning: Type of medium range capacity planning that typically covers a 3 to 18 month period of time. Used in a manufacturing environment and determines overall output levels planned as well as appropriate resource input mix to be used for related groups of products.

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aggregate planning meaning: a method of planning the production of the right amount of a product, at the right time, at the.. Learn more.

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